Dolphin Viewer

Dolphin Viewer 2.0

Dolphin Viewer - it is a Second Life open source viewer project (See all)

Second Life is a highly imaginative, creative environment. The "fully textured high-resolution" avatars are customizable to the "nth" degree, with dozens of sliders to change every micro-pixel of your avatar's shape, size, and color.
Dolphin Viewer is an Open Source (GPL v2), third party viewer for Second Life® and OpenSim grids.

Main Features:
- Vertical Chat Tabs – Rather than have a row of tabs across the bottom of the chat window, this option places them vertically along the right side.
- Build Accuracy – This allows one to set the decimal places used in prim location, size, and rotation from 0 to 5.
- Build Features – The Dolphin Viewer is short many of the new build features found in Imprudence and Phoenix.
- Growl – The Dolphin Viewer is more Growl ready than other viewers. There are options for how the viewer works with Growl. A couple of Emerald Growl debug settings remain too; emeraldEnableGrowl and EmeraldGrowlWhenActive.
- Phantom Prim Visibility – this feature is on by default. In Preferences‑>[Advanced]‑>[Navigation/Movement] there are settings to make phantom prims partially visible. One can set the level of transparency.
- Physics Enabled Highlighting – This also is on by default. It highlights physics enabled prims, which are usually vehicles.

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